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Welcome to setformation, the official fan site dedicated to providing Outformation setlists, photos, recording sources, discussion and now FANTASY! "Pour a couple of tall ones, come in outta the rain..."
Setformation continues to grow thanks to the brains of database programmer, Scott Harris and contributors like you. A lot of work and love goes into this site by so many people and it shows. Thanks Scott and everyone else for your contributions to the community! Be sure to check them out LIVE!
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Most Recent Setlist:
Florissant, CO
Newhoma Music & Mountain Festival
Setformation - Outformation Setlist Project
Photoart by J.T. Lucchesi
THANKS to all of those who have provided setlists & pictures thus far: Eli Akins, Bill Bina, Mark Brut, Chris Campbell, Michelle Crawford, Andrea Craven, David Dean, Charles Fox, Jonathan Fox, Justin Fox, 'Disco' Don Hess, Jenny Kaspar, Clarke Keown, Marley Knowles, Carrie McCall, Martin Medley, DP Swint, Stacey Ochs, Steve Propp, Felicia Schwartz, Martin Snyder, Adam Stern, Frank Sulloway, Chelsea Thom, Grady Upchurch, Tony Whaley, and Gordon Wilson! Help Setformation be more accurate. E-mail with any and all setlist corrections, additions, additional recording outfo, whatever. We will look into your claims and verify their accuracy before posting. The best way to be 100% accurate is to listen to the recordings themselves!

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