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Fantasy Outformation Daily Tournament Instructions, Rules and FAQ's

How To Play
Some of you may be familiar with Fantasy Outformation Daily Tournament works the exact same way. Pick 10 songs that you expect the band to play at their next show and sort them in the order of most-likely to be played through least-likely to be played. On the pick sheet, you will find 10 drop down boxes containing every song the band has played live. Your top pick, if played, is worth 10 points. Your second pick, if played, is worth 9 points. This continues down to your last pick, which is worth 1 point. Therefore, the best possible score you can receive for any given show is 55 points (if all 10 of your picks are played).
The deadline for submitting your picks for any given show is the start time for that show. You can return to the pick sheet and change your picks anytime before the deadline. After the deadline for a given show, you will only be able to enter picks for the following shows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I make picks for future shows in advance?
A: Of course you can! You may enter picks for any future show at anytime.

Q: When are scores and standings posted?
A: Scores and standings are posted after a confirmed setlist has been added to the Outformation database. This will usually happen within 12 hours of the completion of a show, but there is no guarantee.

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