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Outformation Tabs and Lyrics for: Saddletramp

Charlie Daniels Band

Well you pass around the pipe and you all get high
Never even stop and wonder why
Maybe itís because you wanna die
Maybe itís just he the way things have to be

You stay up late and drink too damn much whiskey
You know that sort of thing is kind of risky
Maybe itís just because you like to feel frisky
Maybe itís just because you like to feel free

How many people watch you ridiní by
Like a thunder cloud that floats
Across the Arizona sky
And wonder if theyíre looking
At a mighty happy man
Or just a lonely breeze that drifts
Across the endless desert sand

Well itís gettiní kinda cold in Ruidoso
Abilene ainít gettiní any closer
One more drink, one more hand of poker
ĎCause a fool and his moneyís
Gonna have to part

Youíre too proud to ever show your sorrow
You donít steal and you wonít beg or borrow
You may be here today but youíre gone tomorrow
There ainít no strings on your boot heels
Or your heart

How many people watch you ride away
Wonder why you never promise
To come back some day
Maybe thinking you were holding
All the pieces in your hand
Or are they slippiní through your fingers
Like the endless desert sand

1976 Hat Band Music
International Copyright Secured
All rights reserved

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