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Outformation Tabs and Lyrics for: Fastburn


A lot of people talk to me
I tell emí itís no plan.
Shake the hand that shook the hand,
I think they understand.

The cards were dealt face down,
And now I play the hand.
A thousand people could have drawn,
but I withstand, I can withstand.

The last time that I saw you, will never go away.
How you reached for my hands when I had no words to say.
You said that we do things that people donít do
And now those words ring more and more forever true.

Well we couldnít make that last turn, even going slow.
And time is a fastburn, when you know youíve gotta go.
And when we see each other,
I donít know where or when.
All the things you gave to me
Iíll give you back again, back again.

Whatever it used to be,
You know itís just gum on your shoes.
Whatever it used to be,
Well there wasnít time to choose.
Whatever it used to be,
Well it slipped right out the door.
Whatever it used to be,
You know it isnít anymore.

Donít look back when you never fall (x3)

And what itís gonna be,
Lawd itís swimming in your head.
And what itís gonna be,
I guess you see the things you said.
And what itís gonna be,
If you live the world you make.
And what itís gotta be,
Because you give more than you take.

Donít look back when you never fall (x3)

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